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Pre-loved Infantino Shopping Cart Cover, Funny Farm

Item Price:  Php850.00
Availability:  In stock


Item Condition:  Excellent. No marks or stains.

Item Description:

The Shop & Play Funny Farmer is the perfect shopping cart cover. The patented design protects baby from dirt, grime and sharp edges while riding in the shopping cart. The many attached toys with a farm motif keep baby happy and teething on your toys, not the cart handle. The covers easily rolls up for storage.

This Shop and Play Mat has fun animals to keep baby entertained. Mom and Baby alike will love all the features this fun and practical shopping cart mat has to offer. Not only will the mat help your baby sit more comfortably - padding her bottom, legs, back, and head - but its array of lively animal toys will distract her from the boredom of the bread aisle or check-out line.

Shop and Play also makes a great floor activity mat, complete with a little pillow to prop your baby up for comfortable tummy time play.

Use on floor (from birth) or in shopping cart (at about 6 months, or when your baby's sitting upright unassisted), Soft cushiony seat cover protects baby from germs, Toys, teethers, rattles, mirrors, textures, rattles and plush toy balls are removable. Bright colors and high-contrast designs stimulate your baby's vision. It easily fits standard cart seats with Velcro ties. The removable pillow attaches with Velcro and wipes clean (not machine washable). Measures 42" x 19" .

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