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Frequently asked questions

  1. What's your store policy?
  2. How do I contact you?
  3. How do I place an order?
  4. Where do I pay for my items?
  5. Availability of stocks?
  6. How fast and how much is the shipping?

Store Policy

All prices are fixed already, we give very reasonable prices so please no more haggling.  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  Browsing is free, once you have filled up an order form it becomes final.  If there’s any question you have in mind kindly ask them before placing your orders.  As much as possible we try to give the most detailed description of the items we sell to prevent misunderstandings.  Do not fill up an order form unless you’re sure of what you want.  No return no exchange.

Contact Us

We welcome your questions and comments from Mondays to Saturdays.

To email us please fill out the contact form and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. If you would prefer, feel free to send a message thru Yahoo pingbox for a quick response.

Contact Info:

Name:  Dorris Tiu
Cell No.:  0917-3243296
Email add:
Yahoo ID:  dthrifters

How to place an order

  1. Submit your order form.
  2. We will send you a billing email within the next 24hrs. confirming your order together with the payment details.
  3. Make your payment within the next 3 working days.  Without payment after 3 days your order will automatically be cancelled, unless you've given us a prior notice.
  4. Text or email us once payment has been made.
  5. After payment has been confirmed your order will be sent to the courier within the next 24hrs.
  6. For Metro Manila delivery; Once your items has been booked for pick up you will be notified by Xend thru email..  From payment date, your parcel will be scheduled for pick-up the next day and delivered the following day.(2 days total delivery time)
  7. For provincial delivery; Once payment has been confirmed your pacel will be sent to the courier within that day.  It will be delivered the next day.  Usually I won't inform the tracking no. anymore unless requested as it will already be delivered the following day.
  8. We will be expecting your feedback once you've received your items otherwise text/email us if you hav'nt received them yet.

Where do I Pay

We only accept payments thru G-cash, BPI Bank deposit and credit card via PAYPAL onlyFull payment should be made before your order will be delivered.  For PAYPAL payments there is an additional charge of 3.4per + 15Php from the total bill.

Availability of stocks

All Items are available except for those with out of stock signs. 


No meet-ups.   All items will be sent thru a local courier.  Additional cost for shipping will apply for local and provincial.  All items will be sent to the following couriers only:

Xend = within Metro Manila area (2 days)
JRS = Provincial area (1 day only)

Insurance is optional for Metro Manila areas, however we will not be held responsible to any items that are lost or damaged during shipment.  We do combine shipment to save up on cost.

Shipping Rates: (updated as of January 22, 2011)

For Metro Manila areas :  min. of Php60.00
*Optional insurance cost:  1% of every Php100.00 declared value.

For provincial areas:
  • Luzon:  min. Php100.00
  • Visayas:  min. Php105.00
  • Mindanao:  min. of Php110.00
All above rates are exclusive of packaging costs.


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