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BabySport Water Bottle Nipple Adapter

Item Price:  Php150.00
Availability:  In stock
BabySport's Water Bottle Nipple Adaptor is the simple, fast and convenient way to turn any water bottle into a baby bottle. Packaged with one silicone nipple and two round water bottle adaptors to fit most water bottles, BabySport offers a safe and convenient solution for thirsty, on-the-go babies and their parents. Simply screw the appropriate size adaptor on to a fresh water bottle, attach the nipple, and baby is ready to take a drink of fresh, clean bottled water. Or mix formula in the water bottle and attach the BabySport's Water Bottle Nipple Adaptor. This handy set transforms most commercial water bottles into baby bottles in seconds. Keep it in your diaper bag!

Product Features:
  • Turns any Water Bottle into a Baby bottle
  • 2 Adapter Sizes
  • Never get caught again without a baby bottle again!


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